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16-12-14 - 12 14 motivation monday.

Everyone says they have dreams and they *really* want to achieve them and they could huge and great and be this and that if only….! The truth is very few want it enough to succeed. Probably people think that dreams come true from the comfort of your couch, or a Fairy Godmother. Or because this or that person slept with this or that person. Or because their dad had money. Of course there’s *THAT* kind of people too, but usually the crowd avoids to see the part where the now successful person went through infinite sacrifice for years, until they became successful. It’s convenient to forget what a person went through to succeed, so you can read about others success over coffee and jealously comment on how “lucky” they are.Really?If blood, sweat and tears are called luck, then all those who succeeded in any field, had one hell of a Fairy Godmother,connections with the government,or a pact with God, who knows!

The word “lucky” is rude towards someone who’s spent years perfecting their craft.Luck is the year one is born, the country and family they’re born in. The rest is up to YOU. This truth is inconvenient, because the average person constantly seeks excuses to reason with the misery in his life, so anything good they see around MUST be the product of luck or trick, right? There’s no way someone was smarter and did it better, right? WRONG.

Just how bad do you want your dreams, then? Are you willing to part with your favourite coffee time? Your usual little trips? Are you willing to cut down on your fun, your sleep? Can you handle saying goodbye to your free time and growing distant from your friends for as long as it takes? If you say you really have dreams and you’re burning to bring them to life, can you really afford a lazy Sunday? If the answer is “yes”, you’re on the right track. If the answer is something along the lines of “erm…hrmffff…ughhh….don’t know”, then you don’t want it bad enough, so don’t complain your dreams are just dreams.

P.S. failing a few times doesn’t qualify as the end,unless you want it to 😉 Cheers and good “luck”.