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There’s a certain heaviness in the word “regret”, enough to give me cold sweat at the mere sound of it. I do hereby confess that regret has always been one of my greatest fears. Regret is something you can feel both because you did something you shouldn’t have, or because you didn’t do something you had to. For me, the latter one is the worst of the two, although my general rule in life is to try and act in a way that I will not regret it later. In my opinion, this is a wise guide that protects you from several potential pitfalls.

The fear of dying without having fulfilled one’s dreams, though, is far greater and that bitter aftertaste of self-disappointment, is something that accompanies you possibly forever. What I mean, is that everybody has their own “bucket list”, things you want to do, to be, places you want to see, emotions you want to feel and so on. The way I see it, the whole point lies in realising as many of those dreams as possible in the time you’re given, while co-existing harmoniously with others and the environment. Very often I hear stories about how people were good at something, but they abandoned their dream for some sort of social obligation, or pressure from their families, or out of poor judgement at the time.

Those stories give me such second-hand pain, that the terror is enough to motivate me with the power of a hundred missiles ad infinitum, in order to do everything necessary for my targets to be accomplished. Because I believe that it’s better to have a heart full of memories, by the time you’re old and wrinkly, than a heart full of broken dreams. If you believe in something, give it your best shot! Live your life following your vision. Your future self will thank you for it.