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Hellen Keller knew! Being blessed with the sense of sight, doesn’t automatically mean that you are able to *see*. The same way that because you possess a functional brain, it doesn’t mean that you can necessarily produce useful thoughts and just because you engage in the same activities as other people, it doesn’t mean that the result will be the same.

Having sight with no vision sounds kinda like a curse, doesn’t it! I believe it is. Mostly for the people around that person, but also for the person itself, who is unable to understand the reason for all that’s happening to them and suffers being the center, tragic hero of their own universe. Modern societies, on a mission to control the population, impose all sorts of limitations, prominent, subtle, direct and indirect. Therefore, we grow up with a multitude of complexes and limits inherited from our parents and acquire our own methods of self-blindness on the way. Having a keen interest on human psychology, it’s surprising to realise how the majority of the people around may technically see, but in practice they have poor vision. Mistaking that vision for the real thing is one of the modern tragedies of humankind in my opinion.

Common sense is overrated and often that common sense is terribly mistaken. Developing the guts to start thinking out of the box is a potent cure and it can be very liberating. I’m not talking about blind, violent reactions “against the system”, but mature, calm thinking that deconstructs our beliefs to their basic elements, locates the flaws and mistakes and bears fruit that allows us to level up, to evolve. A clear, unobstructed vision, no matter how humble, is essential and defines our path in life, strengthens our mission. Wandering aimlessly, without a vision, is the cause of more evil in this world than you might think. Time to wake up!