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We all have this one friend…the friend who always comes to share their disaster stories and no matter how many hours we’ve spent analysing the reasons, exhausting the whys and the what ifs, when they close the door behind them, they go back and do the exact same mistake.Then come and whine about it again when things go wrong and as a good friend we offer a comforting shoulder and begin the psychoanalysis all over again…wondering “will that person EVER LEARN?”.

The process of learning is different for everyone and some people are faster than others, some are slower than others and there are some who don’t want to learn, but just keep mumbling “yes, I want to change”, “I’m a different person now”, “this is the last time”, just to please their own ears. I respect both fast and slow learners, as long as they sincerely want to improve and live a happier life. Lying to yourself, though, is something really tricky and it can happen even to the most experienced, so it’s important to undergo frequent reality self- checks, just to make sure you’re on the right track.

Whenever you feel stuck, whenever you notice disastrous patterns in your life, when you see yourself repeating the same mistake all over again, sit down and look for the parts of yourself that it reflects. What does this incident/situation/pattern say about ME? Why do I allow this to happen? What fear or need lies beneath it? You’ll be surprised by what you find…because it all makes sense at the end of the day!