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I know I’ve probably mentioned this in the past and we tend to find it easy to reproduce this piece of advice, but, as everything else, things are very different in practice. You know, I have a pet peeve. There’s certain categories of people I can’t stand and one of them is the daydreamers. I mean, relaxing and brainstorming, goal-setting is essential, but I can’t stand people who have a dream the details of which they’re eager to share with everybody over and over again, yet no matter how much time passes, they do nothing to reach it. I mean, do me the favour and never tell me again about amazing it would be if only…how great you would be if you were..blahblah..Unless you have a real doable plan and a timeframe, my ears are not available. _

I’m a person who’s experience has lead me to pay more attention to actions than words. I’ve spent countless hours listening to people’s problems, dreams, hypothetical plans, which, however, don’t become reality or even a legitimate attempt. I admire those who actively try and proceed without fear, even if they eventually fail. There’s always second chances and alternate ways and if your dream is really as important as you say it is, you’ll find a way to reach it, sooner or later. Unless you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of living in an underprivileged country suffering from war and extreme poverty, in an average country the potential is there, as long as you have the eyes to see it or to create it. _

I’ve grown up to live my life with less and less excuses and respectively more and more action. It’s offensive to one’s IQ to believe comforting lies that certain people are just lucky and because of your X,Y,Z situation and life problems you were unable to reach your target. Yes, some people DO have it easier than others, but LUCK CAN ALSO BE CREATED. Brick by brick.Don’t be lazy. Every time you catch yourself wishing, grab a piece of paper and start planning what to do and how to do it. Always remember that any great journey starts with a single step.