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The endless debate!”People who have money are bad”,”money is evil”,”rich people are bad humans”,”money changed him”,”I’d rather stay poor than be like THEM”.I’ve thought about it for years and observed hundreds of people of every social level,different cultures and experiences and what I’ve understood is that money is just a tool;it depends on the user whether it will be used for a good or a bad purpose.

Humans choose to blame money,society,the world or god for their weaknesses and lack of responsibility.For their own flaws and lack of self-discipline.Growing up learning how to pull excuses for anything,creates fake personalities that the majority possesses.On the other hand,lots of courage is required to face the cold facts and look inside the mirror.Jealousy,lack of self-work,limiting beliefs,laziness are some of the reasons people choose to blame money for all the evil in this world.I believe the truth is that humans are so greedy and self-destructive by nature, that they found the perfect ally for their terrible crimes in the face of a tiny piece of paper.How easier does life sound when the baddies are the papers in our pockets and not us!?Truly deplorable.

What I always say is “give a person a spark of power and see who they REALLY are”.And that,I believe,sums it all up.Every time I see people frown when money or entrepreneurship is the topic,I just want to tell them “just because you’re not willing to go out of your comfort zone and your worldview is limited,it doesn’t mean others are arrogant for seeking material acknowledgement for their honest sacrifices and hard work”.After all,money is not about status but LIVING LIFE ON YOUR TERMS.It’s FREEDOM.Don’t we all desire to be free?