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The sad truth, as stated by Andrew Carnegie. Why sad..? Well, have you ever tried to help someone,but when you did, they actually seemed that they didn’t make any use of your help? If yes, then you probably know what I’m talking about. When the person you’re trying to help, doesn’t respond to your help substantially, you start wondering why they asked for help in the first place, or how is it possible for a person not to evolve when there’s a good helping hand backing them up.

The truth is that as humans, we have the bad habit of not being honest with ourselves; sometimes for a whole lifetime. I always find it sad when I see people that their mouth speaks one thing, but their actions speak otherwise. It’s sad, disappointing, infuriating. Whenever I have the chance, I try to ask them why their actions don’t agree with their words, but often people are unable to realise they’re even doing that,so they end up angry, insisting that what their mouth speaks is their true desire. I used to have heated debates with those people, because they happened to be friends or family and I really cared for them, but at some point I realised I don’t have the right to push people around, even if I think I know what’s best for them. I couldn’t tie them up on a chair and force them to follow my advice. I couldn’t drug and store them in a cupboard and live their life for them. I couldn’t do their homework for them (although I’d help, if they could only let me).

Everyone is free, therefore they have the freedom to choose, to succeed and to fail, to live and to die. Even if the ladder you’re trying to have them climb, is made of diamonds and gold and all the best life has to give, they will never climb, unless they consciously choose to. It’s painful to realise, especially when the person means a great deal to you,but it’s better to concentrate your efforts on people who actually utilise your help and not otherwise.