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The two sentences above might seem very similar to each other, but there’s a huge gap between the impacts each one can have on a person’s life. Someone could argue and call this “common sense”,but it’s ironic how common sense is not so “common” after all. One of the things I like the most, is talking to people and learning more about the way they think.And it’s actually very often that I meet people who are eager to win,but are not eager to put in the respective effort.Or they want to do the part of the work that pleases them, but expect the rest to be done for them with a magic wand (because they “deserve it”). This might have been possible decades ago,but nowadays competition and standards are too high for half-baked, selective efforts. __

Doing just a part of the work required, or working on your dream at random times, without a definite plan or strategy, or ranting to your friends about how unfair life is, just doesn’t cut it. Acting without thinking, only to justify that “hey, I’m working on it!” is just a waste of time and resources, so you might as well quit altogether. On the other hand,drawing up a plan, no matter how simple and respecting each step until its completion, will definitely lead you somewhere better than today. Acting out of habit, out of obligation, or just because your parents and grandparents did so in the past, will lead you to path that you can’t really ever call “your own”. Looking back, frustration and disappointment is no sweet or easy thing to digest, so it might be better if you acted ahead. __

If you sincerely, truly desire something, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and dive full on into your quest. No one knows you better than you do, no one can do your homework for you, no one will be sadder than you if you fail and no one will reimburse you in retrospect for the chances you didn’t take. Stop being a victim of situations and start being more pro-active about your life. Think about it!