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Sir Anthony Hopkins said it and I agree. If you happen to be a genuinely nice person, well-intended, who likes to make people happy, at some point in your life you probably suffered by other people’s opinions about you. This one is a rather common piece of advice, but also quite difficult to apply. Defining yourself based on other people’s opinions can only result in something awkward, problematic and ill. This kind of people usually have to endure opinion-based “bullying” silently and sometimes, especially when they come from older generations, where people were not allowed to express themselves freely, they end up spending their lives based on what others might think of them and that is a terrible waste.

The world was created in a way that the individual is suppressed in favour of the leading elite, so we are born in an environment poisoned by deep lies and limiting beliefs. Growing up with such a burden in our DNA, it’s difficult to exorcise our demons, unless we really spend the time to look within and have long conversations with ourselves.

Instead of being discouraged and disappointed at others for doing or thinking the things they do about us, or because they fail to do what we expect them to do, it’s wiser and more hassle-free to accept the situation the way it is. Try to improve it, but at the same time accept that this is the best the person in question could do at that given moment, under the current circumstance, with the mental abilities they possess. It’s a mistake to assume that when you do good to someone, this someone will return the favour. Good returns to us in various forms, that sometimes we are unable to comprehend. Working on yourself every single day,doing the best of your abilities and exercising acceptance,will give you more understanding,less stress and a certainly clearer vision of your path.