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In other words, choose your friends wisely. I always talk about the importance of working on yourself, but practically speaking, it’s impossible to reach your goals completely alone. Every success is the result of the combined efforts of more than one people, even if those people gave you their support, their advice, or a piece of experience – positive or negative, it doesn’t matter -. What matters is the lesson, which ultimately leads to the result.

Although it might not be humanly possible to control the 100% of people who surround you, you’re free to choose those who will stay close and contribute to your goals, while you contribute to theirs. Choosing people who have good understanding of your situation and genuinely want you to progress, is ideal. Never listen to people who try to project their own failure or negative worldview on your future, discourage and drive you away from your goals. Evaluating the source an opinion is coming from is crucial if not vital. Surrounding yourself with people who have similar vision and similar attitude towards life, will not only broaden your horizons, but also recharge your batteries when you’re feeling down and lost. A good comrade-in-arms will remind you of your target when you stray from it, will awaken you when your vision is obstructed and will carry you on their shoulders when you’re wounded, while you do the same for them in return. There’s companions you’ll miss along the way, new ones will appear when you least expect them, but the truth is that even if you feel you’re walking alone, there’s always someone there who’s got your back. Someone you can see, someone who prefers to stay in his corner or even someone you cannot see -at least with human eyes-.

So look closely and observe who’s really walking beside you harmoniously, cheering you along the way and who’s step is a discord in your melody. They might belong to another song, so there’s no use holding a grudge. Instead, set them free and let them sing their own song, not yours. Different songs cater to different tastes and after all, life is all about choices.