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Wise words by Gloria Steinem for this week. Does this phrase sound familiar? Does it remind you of a period in your life that sometimes you wish you could forget? Well, truth is never easy and just like everything else, it doesn’t come for free; you have to EARN it.

As a *slightly* manic truth seeker, there’s one thing I can confess: I’ve taken more than a dozen handfuls of reality slaps in my life, each one of them was painful as hell, but in the end I felt thankful for the lesson, no matter how harsh, because it brought me where I am today, in the present state of consciousness and being. I’m one of those people who always prefer to know the truth, even if it destroys the most wonderful thing. After all, if you keep enjoying a lie, it will still be a lie and it will slowly make you rot on the inside. It’s really a matter of what you want to choose: the red or the blue pill. Choosing the lie might feel pleasant temporarily, but in the long run you’ll notice that you’ll start feeling subtly irritated,disappointed,secretly desperate maybe. Eventually, this might cause a nervous breakdown and illness.

I believe that as creatures of the universe,our bodies are pre-programmed to tell truth and lie apart. Growing up in a society deliberately constructed to muffle our intuition and our connection with nature and the universe, we also lose the ability to tell truth from lie and we’re often held captives of our own desires. How?When we want something SO MUCH,that we aggressively consume lies,persuading ourselves it’s the truth, wondering why our “luck” is so bad and the people we meet are so terrible.After years of introspection and several bad experiences,I feel lighter,grounded, more free and peaceful than ever.There’s a long way to go,but I’m working on it and I suggest you do the same.It pays off, I promise.TAG A FRIEND who’d benefit from this and DOUBLE TAP if you enjoyed!