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Quite a popular quote nowadays,but certainly one that reflects my worldview to a great extent.If there’s one thing work has taught me, is that you don’t have all the time in the world and that those who hustle have an advantage against those who don’t. Effective goal setting goes hand -in -hand with realistic time- frames, of course (hint: success doesn’t happen overnight), but being able to achieve an optimal work pace is a virtue.

I’ve talked about work and goals a lot in the past and I’ve been criticised for being a work-orientated person, but today I want to stress the importance of the FREEDOM that comes from doing what you love for a living and/or designing life in a way that the future sets you free, one day at a time. It’s common knowledge that nothing comes for free and this applies to freedom itself. I see so many people complaining about their life, their luck, their dreams that never seem to come into reach and it’s ironic how the same people usually don’t even consider moving a finger in order to materialise what’s in their heads. Light- hearted attempts and half-baked plans obviously do not count as “I’m trying”. If success of any kind was easy, everybody would already be up there. But that’s not the case. The difference between those you make it and those who don’t, is persistence, dedication and nerves made of steel.

No, it’s not “luck”and I find it offensive when people call me or others “lucky”. Luck is only the time, country and family you were born in. Everything else is controlled by YOU. So if you want to achieve tomorrow what most people can’t, be eager to do what most people don’t and sacrifice what others won’t; your comfort, your holidays, your leisure time. Work hard, enjoy every moment, enjoy FREEDOM but don’t lose yourself in the process. Balance is key. Have a productive week, everyone!