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This one sounds like common sense,but it’s not(just like anything else considered to be “common” sense anyway).All of us are guilty of feeling bad at some point, because someone else thought poorly of us. We’re more susceptible to criticism at an early age and this is one reason why parental responsibility is of such importance. If mom and dad (our heroes!) say we’re bad, it means they’re probably right, yes? Not exactly.

The above example is not limited to family circles of course, but the cause that opens up space for future emotional wounds in our adult life, is usually the family; children do not have the critical ability to defy huge and powerful things such as “worldviews” and “life philosophies”, so they just accept the views of the strongest ones as a fact. This can turn out to be lethal for a person’s life and I’m sure everyone has more than a handful of examples to prove it. The truth is that, just like everything else,the perception of what is good, bad, useful,useless,stupid or genius,depends on a person’s ethics,culture,set of values,social status,background and general worldview,which doesn’t necessarily represent the “truth”,if such a thing even exists anyway.

As a chronic sufferer of family and social disapproval,what became clear to me after the initial disappointment and anger faded away,is that even if people love you for real,they can’t always see beyond their limiting beliefs and subconscious agendas,so instead of getting angry at the people who don’t seem to acknowledge you,ACCEPT the fact that they’re acting in the best way their current state of being allows them to and keep following your path no matter what it takes,if you really believe in it.One day they might understand.Or they might not.And proving it to them might matter.Or it might even not.The key,however,is to define and assess yourself based on your actual skills and goals, not the expectations of any parent or social circle.Have a nice week!