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A quite aggressive,Ricky Gervais quote for this week.We all have that one (or two or twenty) friend who always complains about Mondays and goes LSD-happy on Fridays/weekends.I generally stay away from jobs with fixed schedules, so routine isn’t something I suffer from, but I find that complaining about a certain day, while deifying another one sounds a little childish,if I’m allowed to say this.

Just like everything else,your job is something you chose,one way or another,so you gotta deal with it,while doing your best to maintain a viable lifestyle.It’s very convenient to blame a day of the week,the weather,society,life,god etc as long as you don’t have to take that dreadful look in the mirror and realise that in fact it’s you who makes unfortunate choices, not life that hates you.It’s exhilarating pointing fingers at things or people to justify the elevated levels of misery in your life, but it’s also so false that it eventually starts eating you up on the inside.Most people choose to walk on a safe stripe,from point A to point B, then back to point A.On special occasions they walk to point C and D,repeat this every day for 85 years and then call it a life.

The way I see it,there’s more points you need to walk to, than there’s years to live and the things I desire to study and experience would probably need several lifetimes of continuous learning.But at least, as long as I’m here,I try to make the best of each day and focus on my targets, no matter if it’s Monday or Sunday,working day or “holiday”.My philosophy is that there’s no break or holiday,nor a fixed work schedule; there’s only targets to be achieved.You don’t need to wait until Friday to rejoice and enjoy life,you don’t need to wait until Monday to remember you hate your job and your boss’ sour expression in the morning. If you’re happy about something,be happy and live it to the fullest every day.If you hate something,make everything necessary to dispose of it and improve your life.Routine is a convenient,rotten nest that leads,however, to physical and mental staleness.It’s time to break free from this trap and start LIVING TODAY!