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In the past, I’ve been criticised by people of my family and friends circle for dreaming “too big”. The question I usually asked them was “too big by whose standards?”. Who specifies what’s “too big” and how can one have such confidence in their judgement when talking about other people’s ultimate potential? The answer is : they cannot, nor do they have the right to.

For example, if a terrible singer dreams about being a great professional singer and is willing to put in all the hard work to become one, he might as well be good one day. If he just dreams about it without making the effort and steps required, obviously it’s out of question. If that terrible singer knows he’s terrible and aims at maybe playing at a local, underground bar, he will probably be only good for karaoke with friends, but almost certainly not better than underground bar level. Reaching that level, he’ll enjoy the comfort of it, which requires no further skill cultivation or level ups, so the evolution will stop there (same counts for every kind of target, not just music of course).
This is perfectly fine if that’s what expresses your inner psyche, because, let’s face it, what’s good for some people might be bad for others..but if your ambition is high, then your mentality and course of action must be analogous. There’s countless examples of famous or non-famous craftsmen and personalities who were snubbed by their circle, industry and society itself, only to come back after years, proving everyone incredibly wrong!

If you know you’ve got what it takes, or even if you don’t, but you’re willing to really work on it, go ahead and never let anybody’s myopic standards hinder your way. No one will say sorry or reimburse you in retrospect for the chances you didn’t take because they advised you against them, so think wisely and proceed with caution. Good luck!