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A self-explanatory quote for this week.There’s a point in most people’s lives, when a person appears and you’re so convinced you two are meant to be together,that you start pursuing them against all odds,against all gut warnings and honest friend advice.And then, later you realise what you did was speed up and crash against a wall, wondering whether your masochism is stronger than your survival instinct or if your relationship IQ is below zero,or maybe you just don’t deserve any better.Hormones and feelings are a bummer and they might lead you down long, dark paths and it’s true that not everyone gets out alive.

We all have our personal standards, tastes and what not, but sometimes what you like the most might just not be right for you. It might even be the most lethal for you (now take a moment to think why you would avidly desire something that could possibly kill you). You might be asking yourself why a thing that looks perfect in your eyes can poison you so deeply. This kind of questions penetrate your brain with so much vigour,that you might feel you’re losing your sense of orientation and the faith in your judgement. The big question is “WHY THE HELL??!”

A few years ago, someone told me a thing I still cannot forget.The noise it made in my head resounded like the loudest bell I’d heard in years.”What we feel attracted to and what we pursue,do not necessarily need to coincide;they can be two separate things”.What we like does not always mean it’s good for us or that it will make us happy.Especially when we confirm that,indeed,it makes us unhappy.Instead,when you meet the right person you will know,because things will feel more effortless emotionally.You won’t need strategies or love potions,you won’t need to fit into uncomfortable shoes that hurt your feet.There will be challenges on other -possibly more practical- levels,but emotionally, things will go smoother than ever.Have a nice week!