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As free souls in the Universe,we’ve been blessed with the ability to choose.And it’s the choices we make that define who we are,our present and our future.Who we are is the total of our reactions towards experience.What defines us,is how we treat those under us,those we don’t need,those who depend on us.It’s our reaction to pain and misfortune,to wounds inflicted by others.

It’s easy to declare war against those who hurt us and in the process become *them* to ease the pain,to beat them.It’s easy to squash the fly on your table, easy to fool and destroy the weak,but what power does it take to hold back?How easy is it to fool the naive,but how much nobility is required to treat them respectfully?How easy is it to roll in the mud,blame others for your sad life, but what spiritual vigour is needed to acknowledge responsibility?Most people are in love with their sadness,regardless of what their mouth speaks..”.What steps did you make towards happiness today,then?Leisureliness and procrastination are a plague for those who sit there and expect abundance to fall from the sky,under the illusion they *deserve* it. How easy is it to sell yourself cheap,tapping on primitive human instincts (referring to over-sexualisation of women mainly but also men)in order to sell,feeding the animalistic hunger of the average consumer?And how difficult is it to keep your dignity (and clothes on),stay humble and still exude power that cannot go unnoticed?

It’s all a matter of choice.Darkness overflows with lucrative gifts.Beware,though,that this power is borrowed and nothing comes for free.Are you willing to trade your soul for ephemeral pleasure, feasting on fake happiness while rotting on the inside?I can assure you you’ll soon feel empty and lust for more,in a self-consuming,vicious circle.I’ve learned that light needs sacrifice and effort,work and self-discipline,but in the long run it’s the most rewarding thing you could ever have chosen.It might hurt now,but the happiness that comes with the gifts of light,shines bright from the inside to the outside, on the lives of everyone around you and beyond…Choose light!