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I saw this written somewhere and it made me remember the time when I used to react to everything, express my opinion on everything and protest with a loud voice.I used to waste days fuming over things and people I didn’t agree with, their behaviours and attitudes towards me and others.Then I realised I’d been wasting my time all along.And I just stopped.Simple as that.Allowing everything you don’t agree with, impact your whole life, to the point you can’t sleep, is a decadent procedure that brings about dangerous states of mind. It’s the power to accept that helps us overcome the desire to react to everything, to complain,the emotion of anger. Admittedly,it’s one of the most difficult things ever, but it gets better if you try.

Everybody has lessons to learn and the situations they go through, teach them that lesson, sooner or later. Everyone’s lesson is different, so no matter if all opinions or social conventions are on your side, at the very end of the day,you can’t really judge anybody, but yourself. I don’t mean that we should be frugal with our help or our advice; quite the opposite. However, you can understand you’re in the wrong direction, when you go out of your way to change somebody, “for their own good” yet that somebody doesn’t seem to respond that much, if at all. The closer we are with that person, the more painful it is to stop reacting, but I’ve learned that everyone has their own path and we’ve got to show the appropriate respect, eventually.
What I believe is that if you don’t agree with someone or something, you have to tell them, list your arguments and offer help. If this help or opinion is rejected after some time, you need to think whether that person asked for your help in the first place and secondly whether it’s better to let them do what they do and watch after them from a distance, because they just have to learn, or let them go completely, depending on the level of intimacy. Reacting to everything and fighting over the same old things, only bears toxic friction and severe damage on multiple levels. Long story short: sometimes non-action is more fruitful than reaction.