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A reality check quote for this week!It’s something that took me years over years to realise,partly due to the ethics that my parents gave me and partly due to my own, positive nature. We are only able to see and acknowledge things that we know or have experienced and things that are familiar to us. The rest, even if it happens in front of our eyes, will usually go unnoticed, because it’s not registered in our value system. So a person who was taught to be well-intended towards others as a default, to be open, honest, to share generously, will not notice other people’s bad intentions or bad thoughts that easily and will probably need to go through vast whirlwinds of disaster before realising other people are NOT good by default.

I’m sure you’ve noticed how friends swarm around you when you’re under the weather, have big problems or you’re in a general negative mindset, which is fine and dandy, save for one detail: think of how fewer,comparatively, are the people who will HONESTLY and SINCERELY congratulate you on your huge life success, a grand job promotion, an amazing marriage, a dream trip you finally managed to book for yourself, a splendid business career. Hm? Were you expecting certain phone-calls from *friends*, that never came?Cheers of joy, smiles that never appeared? Did your besties suddenly “disappear” for some reason, when you’d expect them to celebrate your success with you? Well,the truth is that there’s definitely people who will be sad with your sadness,but not so many who will join in your joy with a shiny,big smile.

It’s a hurtful and liberating piece of truth,but I always choose truth,even if this means I’ll feel uncomfortable or lose sleep.It’s crucial to have the ability to see the true colours of those around you and even the smartest ones can easily fail here.You learn about it, though,experience makes you wiser,but you should always have your eyes and ears wide open.Good luck.