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Photo 23-2-15 - 11 51 25ed μ.μ.

Inspiration by Bruce Lee for this week! I often hear people complaining about the circumstances that led them to their life as it is right now, blaming others for their present situation, talking long about what would have happened if only…What we often don’t realise, is that the place we are right now, reflects our own past choices, conscious or unconscious and no one else is responsible but ourselves. It is definitely harsh pointing the finger at us instead of anybody else or life itself (often called a *bitch*), but it’s also a good wake up call, realising that life is what you make of it and it’s not about what cards you have in your hand, but how well you play them.

I’m not talking from a safe position here; I’ve had a double (or triple) share of disaster and misfortune as far as life and business are concerned, but every single time I refused to give up -as much I was tempted to- and with the bricks thrown at me, I built a wall instead. In life you will go through all sorts of circumstances, but what makes you stand out is how well you profit from any given situation. Everybody has the same 24 hours per day, so instead of spending them thinking about your problems, spend them figuring out the solutions. If it’s too dark to see, light a candle, if it’s too hard to breathe, wear an oxygen mask, if there’s not enough opportunity around, create one yourself.

Have a cool week!