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Will Smith said it and I agree. After all, it really depends on what you want to do. High maintenance lifestyles are not for everyone,nor does it mean they’re better, but before complaining about your current reality, it’s better to double-check the course of action you’re implementing on your life.

In order to achieve “unrealistic” goals, you need to take “unrealistic” action. This is definitely not the result of a “realistic” way of thinking. I’m not suggesting that you should let your imagination run wild and dream you’ll grow up to be a modern-day Pharaoh in a pink glitter pyramid(although that’s not entirely impossible),but that you should dream as if money and current situations were not an issue;aim high.Then wake up and make an efficient plan to achieve this.Can you acquire the skills?It’s not about how much time you spend, but how efficiently you carry out your plan. Ending up like a vegetable, having worked for countless hours, won’t guarantee success, but smart planning will.

You have no idea how many times people laughed in my face when I told them what I wanted to do.After they saw what I did was good, they came asking me to work with them or help them. “Do you think people will be waiting for you with open doors? Who do you think you are?” was and still is what I hear the most.I am who I am and I vowed to open the door with my own hands.And I did. And suddenly all those people who’d been laughing in my face never said a word again. Had I listened to their advice,I would have achieved average results and average is not what I’m personally aiming at. People always try to discourage you when they see you’re up to something, because they’re afraid of the reality check they’ll have to go through in case you succeed. They’ll have to look in the mirror and judge their own level of success and possibly suffer a huge disappointment. So don’t let ANYBODY tell you that your dreams are too big. If you have a goal,do the brainstorming and put in the necessary work to achieve it. It won’t happen in two weeks or five years, but you’ll eventually get there, if you keep your vision unobstructed. Let’s do it!