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Haruki Murakami said it and I agree. Life is a stormy journey and one has to be adequately equipped for every weather! Some people have it easier, some people have it harder, but no matter who you are, who must walk through the storm. First, you have to come out alive. It’s sad but not everyone is able to handle “bad weather” and stay in one piece, physically or mentally. It’s very easy to break under difficult circumstances that life throws in your face and sometimes the torture never seems to end.And it’s those times than need the most focus and introspection.

Like Murakami points out, you will come out of the storm a “different” person,with battle scars and bleeding wounds, but have you changed for the better?More often than not, you see people who’ve been through storms (or spoilt from too much sunshine) changing for the worse, becoming dark people buzzing with low vibrations. As a free soul, you’ve been gifted with the freedom to CHOOSE your path while still inside the storm. Life’s weather, affects different people differently and there are as many interpretations as there are humans, however there’s one deciding factor that divides those who ascend to a higher spiritual level after the storm and to those who descend to something lower: love

It’s self love, then love for others. With that comes faith.Without self love, there can be no love for others and what you give is clumsy and incomplete.So when the storm comes, many point the finger at others, without realising that all good and bad stems from the inside, their own choice. If you face problems from a place of fear instead of love, you will burn with jealousy and hate. “Why does she have a good husband and I don’t?”,””why do they have money while I’m poor?”,”why is he so bad to me?”…reflect low vibrations that no glorious Instagram post or glam pic can hide for long. The storm is a test (the Cosmic Joker is often highly sadistic) and we ought to rise above it, taking care not to be sucked in by it. It’s easy to let go and embrace the darkness, while resisting is a long and rocky path… In the end, you get to choose, so -again- choose wisely.

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