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Photo 25-11-14 - 12 03 31BLOG π.μ.

A quote inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt for this week! Let the week starting today be a week of healthy personal challenge! If you asked me ten years ago whether I could imagine myself in the position I am now, I’d laugh in your face and say “I don’t think I could ever do that!”. I could never imagine I’d be able to perform on stage, any kind of stage, as I had extreme stage fright. Then, until last year, I could have never imagined I was able to compose something solid and also handle an album co-production. I used to see it like a big, scary mountain I didn’t dare to climb.

So why did I eventually climb the mountain? The answer is…I love to do the things I think I cannot! I was completely fed up with my weakness and I said “no more”! Deep inside I knew I was *there*, at my destination, I just couldn’t see the way at the time. Well, I figured it out in the process, as weird and chaotic this may sound. It had to start somehow and some starts are pretty rough. The point, however, it to make the jump and set a starting point. I was determined to get rid of my stage fright and lack of self-esteem, so the universe sent the right people to encourage and believe in me, when I couldn’t believe in myself.

I think that one of our missions in life is to eliminate our boundaries, to break down the walls that obstruct our vision. Every step we take away from fear, takes us one step closer to our freedom.