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It seems I haven’t used this blog in like…forever. Social media micro- blogging makes us forget about good old blogging and it’s sad, I admit. Well, today I felt like writing something, so here goes!

I’ve always lead a healthy life (no junk food, cigarettes,drugs, just a little alcohol), but after Fukushima happened and due to record label contracts I was obliged to tour all around Japan that summer (2011), including Fukushima region, while everyone involved was in denial about what had really happened with the nuclear meltdown and everything, I’ve been detoxing and clean eating contiously. To the point that my body’s stopped being attracted to alcohol altogether, among other things.

This has been true for several years now, but I no longer desire to stay up all night (I used to sleep at 6-7AM for at least 8 years), or be in crowded places for entertainment, or mingle with too many people, not because of any mental condition, but because it can be overwhelming to feel people’s thoughts and energy storming into your head, especially when they’re negative. I end up going home with a headache and in need of a painkiller, although I prefer to avoid medication whenever possible.

I do enjoy meeting with fans at shows, though, it recharges my batteries for a long long time. Love is a powerful feeling isn’t it? Speaking of which, his Tequila Rose was given to me by my beloved friends, as a present during last year’s A-kon. It’s seriously delicious, so whenever I feel like getting a dash of positivity, I drink a shot of that. Too much sugar though, I can’t handle more than a shot!