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The message is simple. Whatever or whoever doesn’t help you evolve and level up in your life, is something that you’re better off without. Toxic people, people full of limitations, full of lower level feelings and motives, situations that only keep you back and prevent you from reaching your true potential, are nothing but a poison, a vicious parasite to your soul and a tombstone for your future. Train your eyes and learn to distinguish between those who truly contribute in a positive way and those who drag you down, intentionally or unintentionally.

Most times, the worst limitations come from within, from our family and people we keep close. They might love you, but learning to assess the quality of their advice is crucial and makes all the difference. If it doesn’t help you become a better version of yourself every day, there’s something wrong. If you’re trapped in a situation that prevents you from evolving, then there’s something wrong. The same, of course, applies to the limitations you impose on yourself; they can prove lethal. If it doesn’t add to your life in a positive, constructive way, whatever it is, whoever it is, it doesn’t belong in your life.